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Four Tray Seed Cleaner

The Four Tray Seed Cleaner, the main heart of Sunflower Seed Cleaning equipment, is sturdy steel fabrication machine having Four Tray reciprocating motion through Eccentric Shaft assembly unit. All steel feeder with volume control feeding by worm gear motor connected to variable frequency drive control panel for feed regulate.

The vacuum chamber is specially designed for easy of operation and maintenance. The blower is mounted on frame for better air efficiency.

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398 New Seed Cleaner with Air Cascade

Oilseed processors demand quality and expect dependable equipment. Cantrell Worldwide demands dependability in each piece of equipment manufactured for the oilseed processing industry.

The Cantrell Model 398 Seed Cleaner is a complete unit designed to effectively remove foreign material from white cottonseed / Sunflower seed. cottonseed cleaned throughthese machines produces cleaner lint, higher cellulose content and allows for better Delinting and Dehulling (Decorticating). the Sunflower seed is cleaned throughly for better Dehulling Performance.

36" / 48" New Twin Roll Huller

The Latest Sunflower Seed Twin roll is best known for Reliability and Performance.Twin Roll hulling has proven to be the highest capacity and most efficient way to hull bulk oil seeds, which include sunflower seed, cotton seed, soybean, peanuts, etc.

Cottor has significantly improved on this technology by Offering the most advanced huller on the market today.

The Sunflower seed hulling decorticating process starts with an adjustable metered roll feeder designed to offer complete consistency and uniformity to the flow rate. By utilizing an adjustable feed damper and variable speed control, an accurate and reliable feed rate can be maintained.

The heart of the hulling process is the twin, rugged 18" dia rolls equipped with removable huller knives. These twin rolls are driven at a ratio to enhance the cutting process thus minimizing the amount of uncut and recycle seed. This ratio combined with a spiral lead on the cutting edges allows the highest percentage of open "hulled" seed available to the separation room. Sunflower Seed Dehulling with Cantrell Design Decorticators have proven to bring minimum Oil Loss in Hulls among all its competitors.

60" Beater Separator

The Cottor 60" wide Beater / Shaker is used to produce hulls with a minimum oil content by efficiently beating the hulls to remove the high protein finished meats.
The machine consists of an eight-chamber beater section mounted above a shaker separator tray.

The Beater Separator combines mechanical and pneumatic forces to effectively remove hulls from decorticated oil bearing seeds, including cottonseed, sunflower, soybeans, peanuts, etc.
Solidly designed and built for most generic hullers to be mounted over the frame.

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