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Flow Diagram For Solvent Extraction Plant



COTTOR Continuous Solvent Extraction is the most modern way of recovery of oil bearing materials. Mechanical Expulsion with expellers subjects the oil to the combined action of high temperature, high pressure and high moisture, the effect of which causes oxidation, colour fixation and hydrolysis. Some of the materials like Ricebran, soyabean seeds mostly can't be handled by exellers. Continuous Solvent Extraction, on the other hand does not cause any alteration to the properties of the oil and recovers it with the same characteristics as were present in the Raw Material and can handle all types of materials. Recent developments of the Expander system with the squeezomatic attachment invaribly ensures even direct extraction of high oil content material like sunflower, rapeseed etc., producing the best quality of crude oil and completely eliminating the prepressing operations by old technology of expellers. Thanks to this most modern and versatile design of expanders which can be very well fitted in the preparatory section itself. COTTOR continues solvent extraction plant thus completely eliminates the dependency on oil millers during lean seasons and gives additional advantage to solvent extraction plant owners for processing even direct extraction of high oil content seeds.

COTTOR process of Solvent Extraction comprises of:
  • Prepratory Section
  • Extraction Group
  • Distillation Group
  • Meal Desolventising Group
  • Recuperation Group
  • Meal Conditioning.