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  Cotton Saw Ginning Plants


  Saw Ginning Equipments

Seed Cotton Suction System

Seed cotton suction system installed outside plant room collecting from platforms & feeding to the plant room.

System includes G.I. Piping bends, flow control valve, built in rock & stone catcher also includes piping from separator to heavy duty suction fan to pull seed cotton.

Rock catcher provided with trash discharge pipe with dump door near floor.


  Air Separator

Air separator is equipped with vacuum wheel with revolving perforated screen & connected to the suction fan.
Air separator is sturdy design for modern cotton ginning system, evenly distribution & efficient removal of the fine trash & reduces contamination.
It works automatic & continuously suction of the seed cotton & acting as unloader.

  Opener with Sawgin

Cottor Sawgins equipped with 90 & 120 saws of 12" dia. & ribs fitted with carbide tip at ginning point for longer life.
Seed cotton after cleaning in opener passes through saw cylinder separating white lint and cottonseed.
The sawgin have the feature of high capacity low lint trash content and simplicity of operation.



Cottor Lint Condensor having maximum exposed drum area increases dust removal & minimizes pressure loss. It exposes lint to 90 % of the Condensor screen.
Air produced by the heavy duty fan & through Ginning machine & delivering lint from the Sawgin to Baling press or to lint cleaner continuously.

   Cotton Pre–Cleaner

Cotton Pre-cleaner mainly used for removing the leaf, trash, sand dust, sticks & green bolls from the seed cotton & improving the quality of lint.
Seed cotton flows freely and gently through the machine having adjustable grid bars removes fine trash to prevent
it from becoming embedded in the good quality lint.
Cotton pre-cleaner is used for processing the medium & long staple hand picked seed cotton.