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  Sunflower Seed Plant


  60" Beater Separator

  The Cottor 60" wide Beater / Shaker is used to produce hulls with a minimum oil content by efficiently beating the hulls to remove the high protein finished meats.
The machine consists of an eight-chamber beater section mounted above a shaker separator tray.
  The Beater Separator combines mechanical and pneumatic forces to effectively remove hulls from decorticated oil bearing seeds, including cottonseed, sunflower, soybeans, peanuts, etc.
Solidly designed and built for most generic hullers to be mounted over the frame.
  Self cleaning aluminum sash for level consistant results.
Extra heavy duty eccentrics for smooth operation and long life.
The most efficient primary removal of hulls from oil bearing seeds on the market today.


  • Shaker Motor - 3hp - 1000/1200rpm - 380/230-460v / 3ph / 50-60hz
  • Beater Motor - 5hp - 1450/1750rpm - 380/230-460v / 3ph / 50-60hz
  • Gear Reducer, Double Reduction / Helical Gear 9.3:1
  • 60"Eight Stationary Screens - Removable
  • Shaker Tray - 42.5 Sq Ft Of Self Cleaning Sash
  • Adjustable Air Hoods - Two 10" Dia./ 1900 Cfm / 3484 Fpm
  • Inspection Windows - 2 Large 10" Dia. Viewing Areas
  • Universal Huller Stand / Fits All Makes And Models
  • Shipping Weight: 5400 Lbs / 2448 Kg.
  • Shipping Volume: 512 Ftt3 / 14.5M3

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