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  Continuous Neutraising Process

Flow-Sheet For The Sharpless Low Loss Continuous Vegetable Oil Refining Process
Continuous Neutralising Process is carried through high speed centrifuge. There are various operations like De-gumming, Alkali Treatment, Water washing and Oil drying in this process.

In continuous neutralisation process metered quantity of weak solution of the Phosphoric acid is mixed with crude oil in mixer and the resultant Gums are separated by high speed centrifuge. In the next process, the De-gummed oil / crude oil is treated with metered quantity of Caustic Soda (NaOH) and soap stock is separated continuously by centrifuge.

In the final process, Neutralised oil is washed with the hot water to remove soap particle and also free alkali particle by centrifuge and clear Neutralised oil is obtained continuously.

This oil is further dried in vacuum dryer to remove excess moisture.

The oil obtained from centrifuge is light coloured, free from soap stock and called as washed Neutralised oil.