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  Oil Refinery Plants


  Batch Oil Refinery Flow Diagram

  In batch oil refinery process, a measured quantity of oil is processed in sequence of neutralizing, bleaching & deodorizing.
Crude oil obtained from expellers or solvent extraction plant contains foreign impurities such as mucilage, gums, coloured & unfiltered proteinous matter from seed. Also free fatty acids (F.F.A) which tend to deteriorate the oil on storage, thus making it unfit for edible purposes.
The batch refining process consists of following section :

1 Neutralising section 2. Bleaching section 3. Deodorising section.
First stage of refining is to remove free fatty acids (F.F.A.) with caustic soda treatments called Neutralising Process, thereafter further processed in the bleaching section under vacuum & treated with bleaching earth & activated carbon fro removing colour. Finally it will be deodorized under high vacuum & high temperature to remove the odour from the oil.

The edible oil obtained in a batch refining is of good quality meeting all requirement of International standard. However, in case of Sunflower and Rice Bran Oil, there is one more process of De-Waxing after bleaching process.