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To Manufacture & Supply High Capacity Cotton Seed & Sunflower Seed Processing Machines And Parts For Vegetable Oil Industries With Latest Design & State of Art Technology.

  Cotton Seed Plants


  Four Tray Seed Cleaner

The Four Tray Seed Cleaner is sturdy steel fabrication machine having Four Tray reciprocating motion through Eccentric Shaft assembly unit. All steel feeder with volume control feeding by worm gear motor connected to variable frequency drive control panel for feed regulate.
The vacuum chamber is specially designed for easy of operation and maintenance. The blower is mounted on frame for better air efficiency. The unginned seed cotton separated from Tray one and Three collected separately.
  The seed from tray two & Four are moved to Vacuum suction chamber which deliver cleaned seed collected through conveyor, separating stone, metal pieces also separating light fly lint and hulls in cyclone.
This perfect cleaning protect other processing machine namely Delinter & Huller.
This Seed Cleaner can be used for multiple seed cleaning application : Cotton Seed , Soybeans, Sunflower Seed, Ground Nut Etc.,
The better cleaning improves quality of by products of cottonseed.
  • Simple & Sturdy Modern Construction.
  • Proven Design For Better Working.
  • Higher Capacity - Low H.P.
  • New Volumetric Steel Feeder With Feed Control.
  • Engineered For Better Working Performance.
  • Better Cleaning Efficiency
  • Specialy For Cottonseed Cleaning Also Used For Other Oilseeds.
  Machine Tray Drive Motor : 5 HP.
  Fan Drive Motor : 20 HP.
  Discharge Conveyor Motor :1HP.
  Feeder Drive Motor:1HP.



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